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KMUG Meeting - March 25, 2 p.m.

FRENTE, Nishinomiya (see below)

Ryan Richardson on Linux OS

Repurposing that Old Mac


Old Mac?

What do we do with the old Mac? We've all grown accustomed to our machines growing slower and slower over time, and despite growing quite fond of our machines, we recognize they have to be retired eventually. Frequently, with the quality of the Macs, the old machine is not useless but is used less and less as the 'new use' that many of us imagine rarely comes to pass. One way to repurpose an old machine is to run a Linux Distribution on it, which can revitalize an aging machine. Usually this would not be as functional as a new Mac, but an old Mac running a lightweight Linux Distro could be well suited for a clear purpose, such as a home media center, a game console, or a secure device for web surfing. 



In this talk I'll introduce the background to Linux, including some basic pros and cons, and where to get information and software. Then, we'll go through an install on a donated Mac as well as some of the tweaks that will make adjustment easier to the new Linux user. All this being said, I should also include the caveat that I'm no Linux guru. I use it every day as my home computer, but some of the minutia that might be desirable to some advanced computer users is a bit above the scope of this talk and likely over my head anyway.

You are also encouraged to bring your own old Macs so you can install Linux yourself during the session. I'll bring extra thumb drives with the OS installed.


About the presenter:

Ryan Richardson is a teacher at Konan University, Hirao School of Management in Nishinomiya. A long time Mac user he also runs Linux as his home work station and enjoys tinkering with things that he doesn't really understand.


KMUG Annual Picnic on the banks of Shukugawa!

May is picnic time for KMUG. Come join our annual outside bacchanal. Per KMUG custom, the club will provide some 'starter snacks,' and you're encouraged to bring your own favorite fare from home or store to share with the other picnickers. Festivities will start roughly at 1:00 PM.

DATE: A weekend day in late May, to be set soon.

KinkiNet: It's back!

For a long time our club's online forum, Kinki-Net, has been dormant and often non-functional. The club's admins have put up a brave but near-futile fight against hackers, aged forum software, and buggy interface templates. Recently, however, the club invested in some software upgrades, got some solid advice, and put the forum back into practical operation.

Give it a try! Your previous registration's user name and password should still work OK. If you forgot it and need a reset, send an e-mail to Ron Read (



See everyone there!


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Meeting Location Details

Frente, Nishinomiya 4F

Near south exit of JR Nishinomiya Stn.)
Add: 11-1, Ikeda-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Pref.
Tel: 0798-32-8660

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For advance info call
Ron at 080-4010-9323 (English/日本語).








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